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May 6th, 2013 
DKN Research Co-Develops Thin Metal-Free Flexible Circuits with Micro via Holes for Scientific and Medical Devices

DKN Research, a leading engineering firm specializing in microelectronics and packaging technology, now carries thin metal-free flexible circuits with reliable via holes. The Haverhill Massachusetts based firm developed a series of processing technologies to generate thin graphite traces on both sides of thin polyimide film specifically targeting those scientific and medical applications that require the elimination of metals that have large atomic numbers and weights from electronic devices. It also provides a wider range of design flexibilities for packaging and termination in special electronic circuits. DKN Research continually develops a wide range of packaging technologies for printable & flexible electronics.
Virtually all printed circuit boards use copper foils or the other metals for their conductive material because of its high conductivity and long experience in the electronics industry.  Unfortunately, several electronic devices designed for scientific and medical equipment prefer to eliminate metallic elements including copper and silver in the circuit because of its physical nuclear reactions with heavy atoms. Several researchers are now considering conductive polymers as the conductor materials for electronic circuits. However, the conductivities from the organic compounds are still low. There is still a lot of R&D needed so a patterning process can be established to produce practical electronic circuits. 
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