“Advanced Screen Printing Process” -Practical Approaches for Printable & Flexible Electronics”, Dominique Numakura, 3rd IMPACT (International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology Conference) and the 10th EMAP (International Conference on Electronics Materials and Packaging)

October 2008, Copy of the paper and power point charts written in English are available by request.

「プリンタブル・エレクトロニクスとスクリーン印刷/(2010年版エレクトロニクス高品質スクリーン印刷技術) 」沼倉研史、2010年6月、シーエムシー出版、“Printable Electronics by Advanced Screen-Printing Process” Dominique Numakura, CMC Publications, Tokyo, June 2010 (Japanese only)

「太陽電池のフレキシブル化」 沼倉研史、2010年7月、電子材料、 “Photovoltaic Cells will be Flexible”, Dominique Numakura, July, 2010,

Electronic Parts and Materials

“Fine Line Thick Film Circuits with High Conductivity Built on Flexible Substrates are Capable of Soldering”, Robert Turunen, Dominique Numakura, Masafumi Nakayama and Takashi Yamamoto, IPC Printed Circuit Expo/APEX and the Designers Summit, April 2009.

「プリンテッド・エレクトロニクスの最新技術動向」沼倉研史、電子材料、2010年1月号、 “The Latest Technical Trends of the Printed Electronics”, Dominique Numakura, January 2010, Electronic Parts and Materials

“Thick-Film Circuits with Silver Via Holes”, Hisayuki Kawasaki, Masafumi Nakayama, John Rufiange and Dominique Numakura, Printed Circuit Design & FAB, July, 2009.

「プリンタブル・エレクトロニクスの最新動向」沼倉研史、エレクトロニクス実装技術、2010年6月、“Technology Trends of Printable Electronics”, Dominique Numakura, June, 2010, Electronic Packaging Technology

「DKNリサーチの新技術、プリンタブル・エレクトロニクスと超薄型フレキシブル基板用コネクタについて」沼倉研史、2009年4月、PCB007、IPC・EXPO特別インタビュー、”New Printable Electronics and Ultra Thin Flex Connector Developed by DKN Research”, Robert Turunen and Dominique Numakura, Live Interview of PCB 007, during IPC APEX EXPO, April 1, 2009 

「フレキシブル•エレクトロニクス徹底解説」、沼倉研史、電子ジャーナル、2009年10月 “Industry Trends of Flexible Electronics”, Dominique Numakura, October 2009, Electronic Journal


“Flexible LED Arrays Made by All Screen-Printing Process”, Dominique Numakura, Robert Turunen, Masafumi Nakayama and Takashi Yamamoto, IPC Printed Circuit Expo/APEX and the Designers Summit, April 2009

「ロールtoロール技術大全 (Roll to Roll Technology Outlook)」、沼倉研史、電子ジャーナル別冊、2010年、11月



#1305 アメリカでアンテナショップ

February 10th, 2013


I visited Convertech Japan 2013 - another high tech trade show / event at Tokyo Big Sight.  The three day event began on January 30, 2013, and ended on February 1, 2013.  The event was about 30% smaller compared to the InterNepcon electronics and manufacturing exhibition that was held at the same place two weeks ago.  
This trade show was originally organized for companies affiliated with conversion technologies to showcase and demonstrate their latest technologies, products and materials that include film formation, lamination and surface treatment.   Over the last few years, the show has expanded its scope to include electronics and electronic materials, and conversion technologies are considered secondary at the show.  I estimate that more than two thirds of exhibitors were pitching products or materials from the electronics industry.
The majority of vendors were focused on coating and printing, and almost all of the printing vendors converted to Printable Electronics.  The equipment on display included screen-printers, inkj../DKNRArchive/Newsletter/Newsletter.html

“Introduction of the Manufacturing Process for Flexible Electronics (Japanese)”, Dominique Numakura, December 2010, Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun